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The Darker Side

You might have noticed celebrities going to the dark side. Instead of lightening up their makeup, celebrities and makeup artists alike are making things darker. Itís showing up all over runways and the red carpet: nearly black, dark lips. While dark has always been en vogue for fall and winter months, itís just as doable in the spring.

For years, women have taken risks with makeup, from smokey eyes to false lashes to red lips. But if these trends have become too simple for your tastes, you may want to try a midnight-color lip.
Just as you would subdue the rest of your makeup when trying to pull off a bright red lip or smokey eyes, youíll want to do the same when wearing dark berry shades on your lips. Keep in mind, youíll want to pick a dark color that matches the shade and color of your skin. If you are fair, stick with the pinkish-purple hues that wonít overtake your whole face. For a tan, olive, or medium complexion, try a deep red or purple hue. If you have a dark complexion, you can pull off nearly any of the new, dark shades. But you will also fare well with the darkest, nearly burgundy and wine-color shades.

If youíre not ready to jump head-first (or should we say Ďlip-firstí) into this trend, you can always go with a more subdued, sheer version of the midnight hues. With any dark color or hue you decide to go with, make sure to keep your lips matte. Just like with bright red lips, too much shine can put so much emphasis on your lips, no one will notice the rest of your face.

No matter the color you choose, your bold and daring lips will have you rocking the dark side.


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