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The Ombre Trend

Summer brought with it a beautiful new hair trend: the ombre. Even though the beautiful blonde tips and wild colored dip-dyes fit perfectly into the season of sunshine, the ombre is not fading anytime fast. Ombres can be rocked in the fall with maroon lipstick and smoky eyes and will probably outlast the cold, winter months as well.

You can ask your stylist for the best way to wear the ombre trend. Or, you can experiment with your own colors and try the ombre trend on your own. Use pictures from magazines and celebrities to inspire your style.

The best way to get a perfect, natural looking ombre is to fade down from your natural color, lightening at the ends. Many women are switching it up though, and going with more bold, statement ombres. Red ombres and melts have been swirling around the hair world from everywhere from high fashion to college campuses.

Even more bold and beautiful than red colored ombres are the famous, retro dip-dye styles. Bright colors like blue and pink have been incorporated into the classic melt for summertime, but even these dip-dye trends will not fade with the season. Deeper purples and reds will still be trendy and beautiful for autumn.

Donít think that the ombre trend is past. Keep up on the trend with beautiful color fading locks!


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