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Paddle, Cushioned & Oval Brushes

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Oval and paddle brushes are the most versatile brushes in your tool set. Perfect for brushing fragile wet hair, the wide brush head of a paddle brush gives you control and is gentle on the scalp. Oval brushes aid in the styling of hair not only with a blow dryer, but for brushing out and finishing hair that has been set on rollers. Brushing your hair regularly helps to distribute the scalpís natural oils and can help to keep hair sleek, smooth and shiny.

The natural tourmaline crystals in the Babyliss oval and paddle brushes create negative ions which aid in faster drying time. Negative ions also help reduce frizz and prevent damage to your hair since less heat is needed to dry and style it. Another innovative material is found in the Ceramion line of ceramic brushes. The ceramic holds and produces high infrared heat that helps to seal the cuticle layer of your hair producing hair that is sleek and shiny.

The Denman and Monroe paddle brushes have a unique rubber-cushioned base that holds the rounded nylon and natural boar bristles. This enables you to receive a gently scalp massage every time you brush. These brushes are perfect for using on thick wet hair and detangle your hair without causing breakage. The wide paddle head and ergonomically designed handles give you the control you need.

If you blow dry your hair, then the vented paddle brush is your tool of choice. The vented style allows heat to penetrate your hair for a quicker drying time while the rounded nylon bristles treat your hair and scalp gently.

All of our oval and paddle brushes are made of the finest materials and are guaranteed to give you professional results.
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