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Personal Care for Men

2013 Trends

It may be a bit early to predict what kinds of hairstyles we will be seeing in the coming year, but based on the styles that are gaining popularity, I have a few predictions of trends we might just see continue to grow!

Cool Trends


Skin Care for Him

Although not quite as sensitive as women’s skin, men’s skin still needs to be pampered. While most men would scoff at the idea of “pampering” their faces, men really do need to take good care of their skin! Especially in the bitter winter months, maintaining smooth skin can be difficult.

Skin Care


Facial Hair Grooming for Men

Keeping your beard or mustache trimmed and manageable is an obvious measure most men take to maintain facial hygiene. However, many men neglect other important areas such as eyebrows, neck hair, and those oh-so-pesky nose hairs!



The Smoothest Shave

No matter the reason, getting a close, clean shave is a priority for many men. The problem is, for most men, getting baby-soft, smooth skin without irritating razor burn, nicks, or cuts is difficult to do. So, just how do you get that clean shave and smooth skin? By following these few, simple steps, you’ll be on your way to a clean, close shave:


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