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Round Styling Brushes

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(4)1 - 4
Round brushes can be used for creating a variety of styles. Short, medium, or long hair can be styled and dried with a round brush. Small barrel brushes are best for short or thin hair. Larger barrel brushes can be used with long or thick hair. We even have an extra large barrel brush for creating height and lift in the longest of hair.

Some of our round brushes feature a ceramic barrel. This eliminates frizz and gives the hair a silky smooth finish. The ceramic evenly distributes the heat and emits negative ions when heated. Negative ions cut drying time and help to destroy bacteria. This helps to give your hair a healthy and fresh feeling. Negative ions also aid in sealing the cuticle layer. A sealed cuticle layer makes hair shiny and manageable.

You can count on our natural boar bristle round brushes to be gentle on the hair. Natural boar bristles are considered the highest quality bristles available today. The natural boar bristles also help to distribute your scalp’s natural oils to make hair smooth and shiny. These types of bristles are ideal for thin, color treated or processed hair since they can help to prevent breakage and damage.

The rounded ends of the plastic bristle round brushes provide protection to the hair and a gentle scalp massage. These brushes are heat resistant and very durable. Some are vented to aid in heat distribution and can cut drying time for thick or long hair.

Our rounds brushes have ergonomic handles that are easy on your hands while drying and styling even the longest hair. The rubber handled round brushes are not only easy on your hands but heat and break resistant. Perfect for smoothing, straightening or volumizing our round brushes are made of the finest quality materials and guaranteed to give you professional results.

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