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You can probably imagine a day or two without shampoo, but can you imagine life without shampoo? Where did shampoo come from? What did people use before shampoo? Are there alternatives to it? These questions are answered here:

Before Shampoo

We can’t say exactly where shampoo came from, nor how long it’s been used. There is evidence of a head massage with oils being used in India in the 1700s, and British colonists using something called “shampoo” in their hair—but it wasn’t being used to clean their hair. Most people used regular soap to clean their hair. It probably helped keep their hair clean, but it most likely left a residue and their hair difficult to manage.

Where did Shampoo Come From?

In the early 1920s, shampoo started to be mass produced. A British hairstylist named Kasey Hebert, is given credit for creating a mixture of herbs, flowers, and water as shampoo, which made hair smell better. Later, surfactant was added to the mix, and it helped actually wash oils from the hair.

Alternatives to Shampoo

Most people today still wash their hair every day, although for some people, daily washing may be too much. Natural oils that are essential to your hair’s health are often stripped away with shampooing too often. Lately, some people have picked up on the “no-poo” movement, using all natural or organic shampoos, a baking soda/water concoction, or switching to dry shampoo. Whatever you decide is best for your hair type and lifestyle, shampoo is an innovation here to stay.
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