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Your hair starts in your scalp. The hair root lives there and receives nourishment from the blood supply. And you hair needs the natural sebum excreted by your scalp to be soft and shiny. If your circulation is not stimulated regularly by massaging or shampooing, your scalp can become dry and flakey and your hair may become dull and hard to manage.

One of the best parts of any hair service is the shampoo. A talented stylist can give your scalp the massage it needs as well as cleansing your hair during a good shampoo. Many stylists find a scalp massager or shampoo brush helpful in stimulating and cleaning their client’s scalp and hair. Used properly a scalp massager or shampoo brush can stimulate blood flow and cleanse the excess sebum from your scalp. This promotes a healthy scalp and smooth shiny hair.

Many times people may think they have dandruff when actually they have a build up of dry skin cells on their scalp. A scalp massager or shampoo brush can help to remove the excess dry skin buildup and leave your scalp clean and healthy. Just like your skin, your scalp needs regular exfoliation to maintain its health.

Small and easy to use, our scalp massagers fit easily in your hand. You can choose from models that clip onto your hand and have a suction cup for easy storage or ones with handles. All of our scalp massagers and shampoo brushes have soft nylon teeth that get deep into your hair down to your scalp, yet are gentle on your scalp to prevent the chance of injury or scratches. You can even use these massagers and brushes to apply gel or pomade to the hair for styling.

All of our products are made of the finest quality materials and are guaranteed to give you professional results. Make and keep your scalp healthy and clean with our high quality and economical scalp massagers and shampoo brushes.
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