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Although the comb may seem to be the most humble of all hair styling tools, no one can be without one. Stylists and barbers rely on their combs to help them cut and style each one of their clientís hair. There are several styles of combs available and you can find one to meet each of your needs in our styling, barber and cutting combs.

Styling combs are used to separate hair for roller sets and for use with high heat tools such as curing irons and flat irons. They enable a stylist to create even curls by helping the stylist section out hair evenly and smooth the hair before applying it to a roller. Styling combs protect the stylistís hands and fingers from the high heat of curling irons and flat irons. Lift can be achieved with a styling comb by teasing and backcombing the hair after it is curled on rollers or with a curling or Marcel iron. Sleek styles are achieved with a styling comb and flat iron.

Barber combs have even teeth that enable a barber to hold hair evenly and securely for precise clipper cuts like a flat top or a high and tight. The even teeth also help in blending the sides into the crown with clippers or shears. This gives the cut a finished and professional look.

Cutting combs are the backbone of any stylistís tool box. Without the proper cutting comb a stylist could not section and hold the hair to achieve todayís demanding styles. Long or short a quality cutting comb is essential to any stylist.

Our combs are heat and chemical resistant to give you the flexibility to meet any hair serviceís need. You can be assured that they are all made of the finest quality materials and are guaranteed to give you professional results.
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