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The rat-tail, teasing and curling comb is one of the most versatile tools a stylist can have in her or his tool set. Not only are they used to section the hair, but the tail can be used to form perfect curls. Metal pick handle combs are the tool of choice for sectioning fine or chunky high and low lights.

The ceramic comb holds heat and creates negative ions when heated. Negative ions help to reduce frizz and breakdown bacteria. This not only gives you a smooth silky finish, but helps your hair to be fresh and clean. Ceramic rat-tail combs hold and distribute the heat from flat and curling irons. This helps to cut down on your styling time. They also help to protect your hair from long exposure to high heat appliances and are gentle on your hair, too.

To achieve the high-lift styles seen on the runway today you need a quality teasing comb. The fine teeth of our teasing combs grab the hair and tease it without breaking or damaging it. Once you have the lift your desire you can use the teasing comb to smooth and finish the hair.

Our Ceramion combs contain tourmaline from naturally occurring crystals. These crystals emit ions when combed through the hair to prevent frizz and naturally clean and freshen the hair. These combs are naturally heat resistant and can be used with flat and curling irons. They are also perfect tools to use with a blow dryer since the negative ions cut down on drying time.

All of our tail, teasing and curling combs are made of the highest quality materials. Make your choice today and no matter what your styling needs are our combs will give you professional results. Stock up on them and you’ll be ready for no matter what your clients demand from your styling skills.
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