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HOT TOOLS Hot Setter 05 Ultra Travel Hairsetter 5 Supersized 1 3/4 inch Flocked Rollers 1357


Brand: Hot Tools
Dual Voltage is Perfect for Worldwide Travel!

5 Supersize Flocked Rollers with Cool Touch Ends Create Large, Smooth Curls. Cool Touch roller tips stay cool while the soft, flocked rollers are hot. The simple knob design makes handling easier. Flexible roller clips leave full bodied curls smooth and ridge free. Clips slide easily over the roller to hold ahir closely and easy grip handles make removal effortless. Gentle to your hair, rollers cushion and protect hair from direct, harsh heat. Unique layered core radiates heat for optimum setting and long lasting curls.

Hot Tools Hot Setter 05 Travel Includes:
(5) 1 3/4 inch Rollers for Large, Smooth Curls and Body
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