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Jatai Blade Guide Plus Hair Cutting & Shaving Lotion 2oz


Brand: Jatai - Hair Spray
Status: In Stock

Delivery: Ships within 2-3 business days details
Available : 12+
Blade Glide Plus is an innovative silky smooth lotion that instantly helps shears and razors glide smoothly through your hair and on the skin! It smooths and detangles hair, acts as a leave-in conditioner, equalizes hair porosity, moisturizes the skin and hair, and extends the life of the blade. It makes shaving easier by moisturizing the skin like a silky lotion. It keeps hair wetter than plain water and helps hair retain moisture! It also has a great scent. This is a must-have product for any stylist and barber making your job easier and more efficient! Blade Glide Plus contains Provitamin B5, purified water and cationic conditioners to give a smooth shave and haircut.
  • Smoothes & Detangles Hair
  • Light Leave-in Conditioner
  • Equalizes Hair Porosity
  • Moisturizes Skin & Hair
  • Extends Life of Blade

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