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MARVY Sanitizing Disinfectant Jar No. 8

Ergonomically Shaped Knob, Stainless Steel Lid/Basket Assembly, Crystal Clear Smooth Walled Glass, Non-Slip Stabilizer Base. MAR-V-CIDE is a professional\'s favorite.

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For over a quarter of a century the William Marvy Company has been commited to the highest quality sanitization and disinfection systems for barbers, beauticians and manicurists. We manufacture a full line of jars, solution and a convenient counter spray.

Our MAR-V-CIDE products are twice the concentration of other leading brands. Using MAR-V-CIDE will cut your disinfecting costs in half. with savings like this it is no wonder why MAR-V-CIDE is also a favorite among schools and institutions.

(1) Ergonomically Shaped Knob
(2) Stainless Steel Lid/Basket Assembly
(3) Crystal Clear Smooth Walled Glass
(4) Non Slip Stabilzer Base

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MARVY Sanitizing Disinfectant Jar No. 8
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