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Cyclic Cleansing Bar Pink 120g


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Cyclic Cleanser is a scientifically balanced blend of Nano Silver and natural ingredients.

Cyclic’s special formula enables deep cleansing of skin pores and helps reproduce new skin cells.

Pink cleanser contains extra collagen and sericin. The pink formula is mild and ideal for normal skin and sensitive types.
  • Cyclic cleanser helps:
  • * Kill harmful bacteria and fungi.
  • * Fight ACNE at the root of the problem.
  • * Exfoliate dead skin.
  • * Diminish age spots and lighten sun-damaged spots.
  • * Deodorize the body by destroying odor-causing bacteria.
  • * Fight wrinkles with tightening effects.
  • * Clean scalp and restore damaged hair
  • * Provide natural UV protection.
  • * Remove makeup gently and easily .
  • Nano Cyclic Cleanser Pink contains an extra collagen concentration that is ideal for normal skin types.
  • Cyclic also:
  • Contains sericin to provide natural UV protection
  • Removes makeup gently and easily
  • Can be used to clean scalp and help hair feel strong

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