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Cyclic Microfiber Towel with Nano Silver Treatment, Charcoal (6pcs)


Brand: Cyclic
Nano Cyclic Microfiber Towel with Silver Treatment is a cleansing towel for the next generation. Cyclic Towel is scientifically developed with nano silver and microfiber technology. Nano sized silver particles are safely and securely coated on the fabric. These nano particles are 1/1,000,000,000 of one meter. The microfiber fabric is amazingly soft and durable. Each microfiber strand is 1/100 of the thickness of a piece of hair. Cyclic uses a split technology that dramatically increases absorbability of this very fine fabric. In comparison, a cotton towel can barely hold its weight in water while Cyclic microfiber can hold 10x more water than its own weight. Not only it is super absorbent, but extremely fast-drying. Cyclic Microfiber Towel is a very versatile cloth. Cyclic is great to use on your face and body after showering and on infants to prevent diaper rash and skin irritations. Use it around the house to clean glass for a streak-free shine and on any other hard surface. Cyclic Towel is also safe to use on pets, interior and exterior of cars, and to gently clean jewelry and kitchenware. Find out how Nano Cyclic Towel can benefit you and your family. We guarantee our towel will last 20X longer than a cotton towel. If the towel does not maintain quality for 3 years, you may return the towel to us for a full refund. Nano Cyclic Microfiber Towel with Silver Treatment can be washed with any other towel or fabric and will maintain its softness and durability for over 50 washes.
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