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CLEAN & EASY Deluxe Electrolysis #46006


Brand: One Touch
At home electrolysis that is fast, safe and simple. Get professional results at a fraction of the cost.

- Gentle, Safe, Fast and Effective
- Unique Feature Permits Use on Others
- Professional Results as a Fraction of the Cost
- Comfort Control Dial Lets You Customize the Treatment
- Self Adjusting Stylet Tip Cannot Ever Pierce the Skin
- Battery Operated, Convenient and Portable
- Easy to Use Anywhere on the Body

CAUTION: A with all electrolysis, some hairs are resistant and could regrow. These hairs will require more than one treatment. Deluxe Electrolysis can be used anywhere on the body with the exception of moles, warts, beauty marks, inside ears or nose. See instructions for more details.

WARNING: This unit is not recommended for use by individuals with certain medical conditions. See instructions for more details. Not for use on children under the age of 18 without parental supervision.
This item may be temporarily out of stock, discontinued or packaging may have changed. Below see other similar categories related to this item for your convenience. You may also use our automatic notification system below to track this item and be informed if it should become available again at our store.
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