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Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Eyelash & Eyebrow Growth Serum 2oz


Brand: Sunny Isle
Our Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Eyebrow, Eyelash Growth Serum helps boost the appearance of Eyebrows and Eyelashes with a simple once a day application in as little as three weeks.
Castor Seed Oil
1. Wash your face with a mild soap, to remove all traces of makeup, oil, and dirt from eyelashes and eyebrows.

2. Dip mascara wand into Castor Oil Serum, tapping off any excess oil. It is important to apply a thin layer, so use a clean tissue to dab away drips from the wand if necessary.

3. Brush the oil evenly through your eyebrows from inner to outer tip. Then use the wand to apply the oil to your eyelashes, just as you would mascara -- from root to tip.

4. Leave the oil on overnight and rinse off with a mild soap in the morning before you apply your makeup/moisturizer.
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