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ELCHIM Classic 2001 Hair Dryer Black


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-Built with top quality components, 2000 hour double balanced motors for long life, a healing element made of Swedish Kanthal wire, a housing made of shock- and flame- resistant polycarbonate plastic to resist the effects of aging-its built to last.
-Power- Air flow of 40 liters per second to dry hair faster.
Safety- carefully manufactured according to EEC Specifications. Performance
-Seven switch combinations provide the utmost flexibility in air flow velocity and temperature.
-Elchim Innovation
-By combining high velocity air flow with superior heat control, Elchim has produced a dryer that will leave hair soft, supple, and shiny
-In half the time of other dryers and without damaging high temperature.

Professional Features:

-1800 Watts
-7 Switch Combinations
-2000 Hour Double Balanced Motor
-Nozzle Attachment Included.

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