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ANDIS Cool Care Plus for Clipper Blades 5 in 1 Coolant, Disinfectant, Lubricant, Cleaner & Rust Preventative 15.5oz/439g


Brand: Andis
Andis Cool Care Plus is formulated for Beauty Shops, barber Shops, Pet Salons and Animal Hospitals. Meets AOAC germicidal spray product test standards for hospital disinfectants. For use by hair stylists, barbers, animal groomers and veterinarians.

Disinfects and Lubricates Hair Clippers: Acts as a virucide, fungicide, bactericide and tuberculocide. Laves a light lubricating film on clipper blades that reduces friction, smooths the clipping action and prolongs the effective life of the blade.

Cools Hair Clippers: Turn the clipper off occasionally during use to spray the blade and teeth. The lubricating aerosol sprays away hair, dandruff and dust particles, and cools the metal.
Active Ingredients: O-Phenylphenol, Ethanol.
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