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TOP COVERAGE TC Plus Bald Spot Eraser Brown 4.5 oz


If you liked Top Coverage, you will love TC PLUS. An easy application to cover bald spots and treat thinning hair. Will not come off onto fingers, clothing or bed linens. Washes out with shampoo.
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Product Reviews
Janice K. Jane "Love this doesn't rub off on fingers, clothing or pillows, etc. as most do. It also withstands moisture and sweat which makes it more comfortable and reassuring in wearing, especially with the summer and the rainy season on it's way. This product will take shampoo and water to do the trick of removing it from your scalp. The over-spay is also much less then many others I have used as well. I also donate my blood regularly and afterwards they spray the beds with a liqid disinfectant for sterilization purposes. Embarrassingly so, I almost died when I saw the color rolling down the chairs head rest from the residue of powder that rubbed off my head while laying there when mixed with the liquid cleaner they used. This did not do anything and allowed me to continue to donate as well. The only down side to this product is it seems to go on and off the market or at times is vet hard to hard to find. I'm not sure why, but I hope they never quit making it!!"
Love it!

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