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Wet Brush Kids Formula Time Release Detangler 33.8oz


Brand: Wet Brush
Status: Out of Stock

Time Release Detangler is formulated with Keratinosomes: tiny microscopic particles that encapsulate the active ingredients and release them for up to 3 days. They penetrate the hair follicle, delivering time released nutrients and hydration deep into the hair structure - detangling, protecting and adding strength and shine over time.
  • Time release formula helps detangle up to 3 days
  • Keratin helps strengthen hair and repair split ends
  • Conditions for manageability and easy brushing
  • Hydrates for shine
  • Fights Frizz
  • Special polymer coats and helps seal and protect hair cuticle
  • Gentle safe formula
  • Paraben, Nitrate & Sulfate Free
  • Natural Fragrance

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