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T3 BESPOKE Color Lock Press Iron 83900


With the T3 specially formulated ColorLock Pressing Spray, a nourishing blend of moisturizers and color-sealing ingredients, reduces color fading, enhances existing color and restores hair's natural vitality, resulting in true, luminous color in and out of the salon.
The ColorLock Press uses penetrative, non-damaging high heat and features Zeolite and Tourmaline-infused plates with a patented "dimpled" design to seal in and preserve color so that it won't fade. High heat and pressure from the dimpled plates break down color pigment getting color deeper into the cortex of the hair so it can be distributed more easily and evenly. The ColorLock Press maintains an even heat up to 450oF.
The ColorLock Collection is intended for locking in color after hair is colored at a salon. The ColorLock Press and Pressing Spray should be used as the last step of the coloring procedure.
-Towel-dry hair until just damp. DO NOT USE COLOR LOCK ON DRY HAIR.
-Turn the Power Dial until there is a click sound. The setting on the setting display should be green.
-Flashing indicator light means that the Press is heating to desired level
-A steady Indicator Light means that the Press has heated to the desired level.
-Set the Press to adjust for hair type
-Pump ColorLock Pressing Spray all over the head, about 10 pumps for shoulder-length hair, and work it in evenly.
-Take a 1-2 inch section of hair and separate it from the rest of hair with a clip. Pull that section taut.
-Glide the Press all the way down the section, starting near the root. Only do this once per section.
-Repeat on each remaining section of hair.
-When finished, turn the ColorLock Press off by turning the Power Dial until it clicks.
-Style hair with a blow dryer or a styling tool of your choice.
-To achieve maximum benefits of ColorLock, repeat 2 to 3 times weekly.
-4 year warranty.
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